I’m starting to work out who I am…

Recently I went on a course for work about Impact and influence course run by Sarah Lane from Coaching Lane. Before i took part I really wasn’t sure what to expect, I had to fill in a huge great questionnaire full of questions that ask a couple of weeks before the day and then wait and see what happens.

One of the things I could never understand about myself is introversion and how big a part it plays in my personality and what it kind of meant. I knew that some don’t see me as introverted but I always did, but this is just one of the questions I had…


What did I find?

On the day there was a number of us all in the same room and waiting for  the results of kind of who we are in a way. But before that we’re told that this particular assessment is looking at four aspects of our personality:

Introversion / Extroversion

Sensing / Intuition

Thinking / Feeling

Judging and Percieving

This model is based on the Myers Briggs model used since around the 1950’s to help companies work out who people are and how they can work better together. For me thought this has been an amazing glimpse into me.

There were a few things we had to bear in mind on this, often how we are is a reflection of who we are most comfortable being as a person, we can venture away from these traits but we find our energy in these places. This was useful as it helped me to work out what was going on from the results of my assessment.

Introversion / Extroversion



So… I’m introverted. Not just a little either but by quite a bit. So why then am I not too afraid to speak out in groups and meetings?

Simply put – I am, but I get annoyed at how slow things go at times or how people are acting and something needs to be said, so I’ve learned extroverted behaviours. But my strength lies in introversion.


Sensing / Intuition

In this argument I’m more on the sensing side of life, so this is to say that I percieve life around me as I sense it. I’m meant to be practical and tradional apparantly, liking things to be the way they are just because it’s how it’s been done.

This is the part I don’t agree with here, but ulike with the extrversion bit I think it’s harder to quatify… so I need to work on this to see where I really am at.



Thinking / Feeling

This bit isn’t a great surprise to me, I’m a feeling kind of person rather than thinking. So I exhibit compassion acceptance, tolerance and that kind of thing. I’m happy with that.



Judging and Percieving

This one is bit weird to work out from the titale but essentially it’s about being either scheduled and organised or spontaneous. So this is where I show as being organised ish, like things scheduled and know what I’m doing rather than doing it on the fly.

This isn’t so bad, but you know maybe a bit of spontonaeity woudln’t hurt in my life? I don’y know…



So this was the start of me finding out about me and it was quite exciting, I hope to write a few posts on this kind of looking at who and where I am in this kind of messup and confusing head.

Sorry about that 😉


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The Big Day – Time for something different – Challenge

Kristian from Life Lessons around the Dinner Table tagged me into this Challenge. I don’t find these very often but these a pretty good. I’ve got  to carry the story on where it’s left off and add my own little zing into it, I’m not going to lie I’m going to do my best to curveball this storyline. Let’s see eh?

The Big Day – Time for something different


  1. Copy the story below as it appears when you receive it (and the rules please)
  2. Add somehow to the story in which ever style and length you choose
  3. Tag only 1 person
  4. If you choose to not participate or finish the story, please tag me (the Haunted Wordsmith) so that I know.



The Big Day

Charles and Edward looked forward to this day every year. All their friends would gather at Charles’ house, pack up, and drive over to the field. Once there, the party began immediately. Edward would pull out the grill and throw on some ……..


Kristian’s  continuation of the story:


……home grown corn of the cob, home made burgers and some of the best sausages that Edward, who came from England, called bangers.

“Why do you guys call them bangers, Eddie?” Judy asked perplexed.

“I think it comes from when they used to be cooked on the stove in a frying pan. They usually contained a lot of water and when heated up on a high heat would suddenly explode. They don’t tend to do that now. These are 80% prime pork. I make them to an old family recipe but I put more meat in them” replied Edward.

While Edward was in charge of the food, Charles would go round chatting to all their friends, sharing out the wine he’d made from their own grapes. He was pretty much a failed actor but together they’d made enough money to buy their little bit of heaven in the Napa valley.

Charles would tell jokes and generally entertain the crowd. Judy and Franklin used to work with Charles in the movie industry, although Franklin then became an agent. Judy had been a bit more successful than Charles and had actually made a movie with Spielberg, of course you can’t see her under the alien costume but it was her claim to fame.

Colin and Maggie were friends from England, Edward had known them from before he moved to the US back in the Seventies, they flew out to spend a couple of weeks with them every year. It was a cheap holiday for them.

Sebastian and Juan were friends from San Fran who Charles and Edward used to hook up with in that wonderful time of free love in the late seventies and early eighties before the Aids epidemic had devastated the scene.

They were a disparate bunch of people but they all had one thing in common, they all liked to have a free holiday on Charles and Eddies Ranch and they were also prepared to put up with Charles ego and laugh at his terrible jokes.

Just as Charles was telling the one about the Left-handed waiter and the Disc-Jockey.

………………………………… To be Continued……………………………………………………

Kritian’s Continuation of the story:

“Dinner is served,” Edward exclaimed as he brought over the tray of sausages, burgers, and corn.

The conversation flowed among the old friends, laughter was shared as tales from past memories were told, and promises of making new memories as the years continue were made. The food was quite delicious and everyone commended Edward on his fabulous cooking.

Charles couldn’t help but notice the lingering eye Edward kept on Maggie, apparently Collin noticed too, as he kept a protective arm wrapped around his wife’s shoulders.  Maggie also kept looking at Edward, almost as if their eyes were speaking a language only the two of them understood.

Charles knew there was something between Maggie and Edward. They had always been close, even before Charles knew Edward, but Edward always assured Charles that there was never anything between them, but right now, the way Maggie and Edward’s eyes were piercing into one another’s, Charles was certain there was something there. Every one who saw them could cut the tension with a knife. Charles didn’t feel that their previous endeavor was a romantic one, but he couldn’t help but wonder…..”What was the relationship between Edward and Maggie, and what were they hiding?”

……………….. To be continued………….

Simon’s Continuation of the story:

They all started moving towards the dining area when without warning there was a tap at the window. A oldish looing man with a baling head and rough stubble on his chin stood there staring in for a moment. He was wearing a black leather jacket that seemed to have seen better days and his face was dirty. He said nothing and after a moment walked away.

Charles saw Edward look over at Maggie, it was only a glancing look but it seemed to communicate a lot. Edward walked towards the door and was out without even excusing himself. Maggie followed him, but she at least gave a nod of acknowledgement to those around her. Colin protest, demanding to know what was going on but Maggie just  told him not to worry and no to follow her outside.

Then she was gone too.

That was three weeks ago, neith Edward, Maggie or this man have been seen since John explained to the police officer.

“What happened after this?” The officer asked.

“Nothing” John explained, we all got on with it and I didn’t know there was a problem unitl you walked in the door!”

The police officer, dressed in plain clothes frowed, unsatisfied with the answer he had ben given.



To continue this story, I nominate

Laura of HotShot Headlines

Have fun!


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100 Wise Words you wish you had known earlier

I saw this on Pinterest and I simply HAD to share it with you all, ok some things don’t apply so much to me, I don’t see a loaded gun very often and driving ‘stick shift’ isn’t mandatory in the UK but you can’t really drive until you can use it.

Apart from that… some good advice for the boys and the girls.


Pinterest Link https://pin.it/dgrfhvmeesdxbl

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Lies Women tell Men

To go with the “Lies Men tell Women” post I thought it a good idea to put the other point of view on! Sorry ladies, you’re going to be hating on me for this – but it’s the male perspective:

  1. I saved money on these shoes.
  2. I only bought one pair darling.
  3. Yuk – I don’t like him – too many muscles.
  4. We didn’t see any men on our girly night out.
  5. I’m fine.
  6. I’m not angry with you – I’m just disappointed.
  7. *smiles sweetly*
  8. I don’t know where your cash went darling.
  9. I don’t need to wear a coat out.
  10. You can trust me internet shopping…

These are the ones that came to mind as I was typing? What about you guys? Any more you think I could add?

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Lies Men tell Women

I saw a post the other day that inspired me to write this – I hope you enjoy it, it’s nothing serious and it’s meant to raise a laugh! The other part to this Lies Women tell Men can be found in the link.

Lies men tell women:

  1. You have nothing to worry about darling, the secretary is 50.
  2. No, your bum does not look big in that.
  3. Of course I’ve remembered our anniversary.
  4. (Over the phone) yes of course the kids are in bed.
  5. I was not out drinking darling – I was working late!
  6. Yes my dear I’ve bought everything on your list and nothing else!
  7. I don’t know how that much got spent!
  8. I’ve pushed the boat out this year and got you something expensive.
  9. I’m not driving too fast, it’s how you’re looking at the speedo.
  10. Your perfume smells nice dear.

These are the ones that came to mind as I was typing? What about you guys? Any more you think I could add?

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The Great British Air Conditioning Wars

At the moment it seems most of the Northern Hemisphere, including the UK is experiencing a pretty severe heat wave. How to keep cool in this heat is a problem. In the rest of the world where heat is a common issue air con can be found in people’s homes. But here in the UK it’s more often found in workplaces. Not all the time, but more often.

The usually peaceful and benign Brit find themselves facing a war where the air con is found and most commonly where the workplace or office includes men and women working together. As you have guessed by now air conditioning is the cause of this problem. The guys (and some of the girls) want the air con on, I’m about to pass out or melt into the office carpet. Other’s who have descended from lizards or something find the air con too cold. Turn it up, turn it down, turn the fucking thing off!

Usual peaceful people remove the remote from their possession becasue they’re being accused of keeping it on and running their own agenda… blah.. blah.  I’m going to stick my neck out here and try and solve this problem right here, right now. If this was Star Ward I would be Emperor Palpatine!

It’s simple:

If you’re hot turn the air con on – if you’re one of the poor souls that find it too cold – put on a damn jumper!

If it’s cold in Winter which sometimes it is, becasue you know that happens then I put on a jumper, so do the same for the air con. I hear you cry ” But that’s not fair!”

Yes it is – you can do far more about being cold than I can about being hot. If I strip down to my underwear two things will happen (not necessarily in this order):

  1. I will still be hot.
  2. I will get arrested.

This plain and simple logic will solve the great air con wars and peace will be restored to the country. I promise you.

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3..2..1.. Quote Me! Challenge

Suzi from the Suziland blog tagged me in on the 3..2..1.. Quote Me challenge



The rules are…

  • Thank the Selector
  • Post 2 quotes for the dedicated Topic of the Day.
  • Select 3 bloggers to take part in ‘3.2.1 Quote Me!’


Thank you very much for tagging me in on this, although much of this blog is based on my Planet Simon blog it’s not got many followers yet and I’m always looking for good material to kick start this blog.

Suzi’s topic for today is: Topic For Today: Age – Age, Ageing, Aged. 

So for this I’ve used my Minion friends to do the talking for me!


This is something I need to remind myself of – getting older seems to involve being boring for most people but you know, I want to goof about!


I was never told this as a child… Dammit!

I’ve kept this short and sweet and fun! For my nominee’s I want them to use the theme of Life for their quotes. The unlucky people are:


Big and Pinky Toes

Lolsy’s Library



I hope you guys have fun with this!

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