Innovating your life

Innovating in our lives can make life interesting and maybe change it for the better. Life can be get boring when facing the same problems time and again, doing things in the same way that we’ve done countless times before. Changing how things are done and new ideas is the cornerstone of innovation, applying this to how we live can affect how we look on life – is it dull and unchangeable, or a living thing that’s fluid and changeable?

Innovation is something that we hear a lot about, especially in the technology driven world we live in. We should apply this to our own lives. How often does an idea come to you that you think is good but are too afraid to try? I say try it! Life gets boring doing everything the same all the time… Do something different. It doesn’t matter what it is. Not everything will work. But hey, that’s life.

What sort of things could things am I talking about?

  • Do you feel you could do more for a loved one? Do it. Go nuts and surprise yourself.
  • Unhappy in work? Do something, change it or change jobs and go for something that scares you. Or even better change jobs where you are and do something that scares you.
  • Do something you’ve always wanted to do, an activity, a challenge, start a blog, wite, draw, create.
  • Even down to simple and boring things, go to paperless billing because you hate sorting paperwork. Change a utility supplier because you’ve been with them so long now.

It sounds simple, even daft but how many big and little things niggle us that that we do nothing about. Make your life and everything around it the way you want it. Own it and manage it.

The other option is to keep going as we are…

Simon 🙂

The first explore with Slartibartfast

Back before Christmas I commissioned a new explorer Beastie to me made by Helen of Cawcraft Beasties. I had seen Helen and many others having little everyday adventures with their beastie friends and you know what it adds a little something to the everyday adventures that one has. It gives you a little story to tell.



So roll forward and the little fella arrives.


The thing I would say about these is that the attention to detail, the intricate work and the skill taken to make a beastie is truly exceptional. There’s none of this ‘stick it with glue’ nonsense, it really is a piece of art.

For a few weeks though, I had no idea what call him. There’s already and explorer beastie out there. But this weekend I decided to name him after a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy character. Slartibartfast.



So this was my first little addventure with the little beastie:


Hi there, it’s me. Where are we going?


What hooligan dug up this?


Where to next? Let’s get the compass out!


That’s it time for a sandwich! This tree makes a nice place to chill out.


Slarti is looking forward to more adventures and is especially keen to see more pictures of himself. Since Helen put up his pictures on the blog and Instagram he’s seems to have thing for fame.

~ S

The Problem Perspective



This was written back in 2014 so much of the personal stuff isn’t relevant, but I wanted to give this new life:

The world we live in is large, amazing, terrifying and wonderful. We are so small by comparison and when problems get to us we can forget this. I’ve found recently that my perspective on the problems in my life needed to change.

I’ve been going through a range of numerous problems for some months now, from the personal to the professional. Sometimes it seemed too much to cope with. The way I was looking at those problems was making it worse and dragging me down. Thinking about this and and I decided that changing the way I look at the problem could help immensely.

I recently decided that being human being (haha) with a brain that can think and solve problems, is a good mental attitude to adopt of dealing with life’s ups and down. Changing my attitude and I’m looking at life in a more positive light, focusing on the the good things in it and not giving up has helped me immensely recently.

I’m not saying that this is an attitude we should all adopt, because everyone is different and that what makes people good at working out problems – our ability to act in different ways benefits us.

Simon 🙂


The Found Poem of the NOT Prison Worker

This is something I’ve seen on Dave’s (the TV Channel) Dave Gorman’s Modern Life is Goodish. Where he picks up a news item where something daft has happened and then scours the internet for comments. This is used to create – A found poem.

I like the idea and I want to create a few of these.

For my first subject the story of a Man paid almost 20k for a Prison Job he never took up

The basic jist of this is a man went to train as a prison officer and becasue the UK system for realising people aren’t working for you is so efficient it took them ages to stop paying him for the job he wasn’t doing, in essence paying him nearly £20,000.

So off the back of this story, I have looked the the comments posted on this and have created a found poem:



Great non-job.

As for the dead prisoners who cares if some rodents have been exterminated.


Nice work if you can get it 🙂


I’ll be sending them my CV tomorrow :o)


Would love that job


I going to apply to become a postman, it’s better than walking the streets.



Office worker makes a mistake!

Not really newsworthy is it.


Public sector again …. totally out of control.




Public Services. Public Ownership !! Rail. Gas. Electric. Post. Prisons. Etc. Local Services = Local (elected) Councils. Transport. Housing. Etc.


Result no surprises here then


Ony £20K over a year hardly a big deal!

Probably the same as most northerners get on the dole


The pub worker is called Jean-Claude Drunkard.


The real question in all this, why did he report it?

In 4 years time he could have taken redundancy.


Must have Mafia connections so, a ” no show job” is a classic mafia move lol


Why did he keep accepting the money? That’s tantamount to theft


…should of kept his trap shut!!!!


Can I have that job?



Thank you for reading my first found poem!


Simon 🙂


The fire in which we burn – Perceiving time



We are often reminded of the limited time we have on this Earth. We have many distractions to use up our time like work, and sleep that are needed to survive. These forever keep most of us mere mortals from concentrating on the things we consider important. There isn’t much we can do about this, we need to take those moments in life that will never be recorded and hold dear in our memories. These moments are what we live for and are like finding little gems in a heap of Earth, valuable and unexpected.

How we perceive time is also interesting, for example ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ says that we think time passes quicker when we ‘re enjoying ourselves. ‘Time is the fire in which we burn’ was used in Star Trek Generations when Dr Soren was telling Captain Picard that his time was running out. Science fiction is frequently playing with time in intricate and clever ways, all of which is fiction of course but our imagination can play these games with time in exciting ways.

Time is an unusual thing, it’s something we have ‘invented’ to help us work out when the sun will rise and set and to help us navigate us in our travels. We never have enough time and yet somehow seem to waste so much. Time costs money, and has an impact on how we do things big and small.

Time is something we perceive its passing yet if we think about it – time does not exist. We invented it merely to quantify something we cannot sense in any way. We quantified to to measure our own existence against that of the universe and to work out how much we can do in the given time we have.

We created something that measures our own mortality. That tells us how much day and night we have to enjoy. We become so obsessed with the time we have, we often forget to enjoy it.

That’s kind of weird.

Simon 🙂


The First Scribbling!

This is the first post for the Virtual Whiteboard but then it’s kind of not. This is the dumping ground for a lot of my words from Planet Simon!

Although I’ve broken away from the bosom of the parent blog here, you can still expect lots of geeky scifi stuff as well as many of my own personal thoughts!

This is more of a personal blog – thanks for joining me!